Where I Was

4:16 AM

I'm not sure I want to do this anymore. Grades this past semester - mediocre. I witness others doing what they've longed to do but choose to pursue the safe route hoping that happiness with parse its way through. Sure, the answer to my troubles is apparent but forever paradoxial as I plow through my first year of legal education.

"Do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do". Easier said than done because as time passes, I'm losing just that. How do you put a punctuation where life has a runon sentence? I want to sing, act, model, entertain but what stands in the way of those four objectives is the goal of one. Selfish as that may be, its the most lucrative investment as well payoff - so they say.

They? Why try to satisfy someone else only to be the only one to deal? The answers aren't immediate for as long as I began, I must continue and complete. I thought I was going in towards happiness but happiness is where I was.