Recalculating Route

2:25 PM

Finding myself...
Finding myself in this infinite expansion of time
Time compounded by the fear unknown
Unknown, unassuming, unable
Unable to determine the next move
Move with the confidence that oneday
Oneday I will find meaning in the pursuit
The pursuit of finding myself

These One of Them

1:55 AM

Think I'm going through one of them, these days when you just don't know. More uncertainty than imagination could show. Wear a smile, but it's these once-in-awhile's that brings me down to common ground. High expectations sitting in the void of ambition. Dreams and hopes, susceptible to feelings of lows stuck in transition.

Never any feelings, no indication of the hurts in healing. That was me. Started sharing sights, looking for an answer to what an isolated mind couldn't might. Judgment. No explanation, the ones that never dared to stare. Who really cares? Emotions neither here nor there, better prepared.

Get me out of that box. You package me in the past. Am I the last? Out of stock. Inventory in the bad and replace any good that has elapsed. Fail to post your destination, and they can't track your shipment. Take flight.