Who We Are

11:11 PM

Today, I witnessed the result of hard work and dedication first-hand. Tennessee Titans #30 made his debut in the Tri-State vs. the New York Jets. He is the first in the "Mac" line to hit the big stage and God has definitely blessed us.

Friendships go a long way. They supersede time, distance, and, today, RAIN. Since high school, my circle has remained pretty consistent, and the label of friend has been delicately applied. I can't say enough how much it means to have 'bros' that make an effort to see what you are up to, what you are not up to, and why you are not up to what you should be up to. Sure, we had our fallout but that test failed and the camaraderie has been strong ever since. I'm proud of these jokas and likewise I'm going to make them proud. Where it all started:

My Sunshine

11:39 AM

Woke up on this cloudy day to see my sunshine,
that night light of mine who under no circumstances
I could never let her see that streak fall from my eyes.
Because you made me strong - you brightened up my day
when my skies were gray, I changed face without delay and wiped those tears away.

As you lay in pain, restless but motionless, I wish
that the seasons could just reverse and we could rehearse
that very step, that very move when your balance gave way.
"Hold my hand, watch your step," I would say
but you were so strong, felt like you could do no wrong.

I now play the game, Who's To Blame?
In search of the fame, I left you to brave the rain
But I can't seem to explain why I can't go out on my cloudy day to see my sunshine riseup
And its because she can't.

....To Be Continued