The Pad

11:31 AM

"Mr. Macelus, here are the keys to your new apartment." I have longed to hear these words spoken by a leasing agent. Although void of furniture and what others may consider to be the bare necessities, I have surrounded myself with white walls that encapsulate a young black man with a colorful career.

Every morning I will wake up in a 1 bedroom with a view of New York City - a playground that I will tackle in order to be the first one picked. I grew up a little more today. No roommates, no distractions, no interference, no excuses. The feeling is bitter sweet with finals looming in the background and the thought of not scoring at a level worthy of any merit makes everything else worthless and supports the laundry list of reasons why I fell short of a measurable objective. That feeling - failure - the distance and the proximity are uninvited guests.

The Pad welcomes all positive energy.

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