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Below is an e-mail that I received a week ago that continues to add new meaning each time I read it. For those that feel misplaced and often times find themselves headed towards an unintended direction, the following offers a bit more clarity.

Derek Jeter is the famous shortstop of the New York Yankees.
Imagine if tomorrow they told him he had to become a pitcher, he most likely would be average or worse,

Stephen Spielberg is one of the world's greatest film directors. Imagine if tomorrow they told him he had to make his living as a chef, most likely he'd be average or worse,

Warren Buffett is the world's greatest investor.
Imagine if tomorrow they told him he'd have to make his living as a golfer, most likely he'd be average or worse,

Remember this:
We were all born for a certain ASSIGNMENT.
A 'position' in life that our unique talents and skills can serve the greatest amount of people and reap us incredible prosperity.

The closer we are to the POSITION, the place where success is practically guaranteed, the greater our likelihood of massive success.

But, no, no, no.
I say, 'Hold on Gem.'
Why do most people never aim to locate their ASSIGNMENT, the PLACE that their success can come naturally and in great abundance?

Here's my answer.
'Gem, what do you mean?"

Let me explain.
Most people don't INVEST the time necessary to locate their position they were born for.

Most people don't INVEST enough in themselves to cultivate their natural strengths.

Most people dont INVEST enough in discovering how to create an opportunity based on their talent, skill and ability.

Imagine this.
You're 91 years old. You're sitting on the front porch of your home.

You start thinking about so many of the great things in your life, but then a regret finds its way into your mind. You get sad because you never turned something you enjoyed into an empire of success. You rock back on your chair and you sigh. A tear could form, if you let it.

You never jumped on the bus called 'Next Level Express'.

You were born with a gift, wrapped and all. A unique gift.
Now it's your job to find it, build it, share it, or you can enjoy the regrets on your front porch.

That decision is yours, not mine. Will you sit on the bench or step up to the plate and hit one out of the park?
(Batter up)

Spike Lee told me the saddest thing in life is to have great talent and never use that talent, living a life that never allowed you to reach your dreams when everything you needed was inside you the whole journey.

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