11:40 PM

No need for an introduction (Reference Profile). So without further ado, today consisted of my third photoshoot since the much anticipated 'hair cut'. Jacob Pressley(http://www.reachphotography.net/) performed as camera man and delivered - snapshots coming soon. Most importantly, I learned to be more proactive towards my career of careers. Result - the blog, but I want to refer to this as my scrapbook; a place where brainstorming takes place and also ideas become actions.

My agenda is quite simple because there isn't one. I just act and react hoping that I'll come into contact with someone that doesn't feed be bullsh*t but offers just the facts. Not to mention, I also have a poetic license that is still in permit status awaiting a responsible driver to guide me to my next destination. My dad celebrated his 2009 - 1951st birthday today. He is the perfect example of what I do not strive to be because he pushes me to be better.

This is a step outside of my comfort zone, moreso a leap. I tend to conceal any information or hopes of good news until it happens; however, I need to track my progress. I definately received an offer today and the inpatience in my patience wanted to take advantage but nothing comes without a price - that I can't afford. In due time.


Devin said...

I see u Ed...on the way to the top...Im feeling the about me section

Jason said...

I hear u Ed...stay focused bruh

Anthony Bazile said...

Man from the convo we had at devs house showed me what you wanted out of life. Not the 9-5 sitting in a cubicle and smiling at picture frames with your kids and wife on it. I think about the same thing that you told me about every single day and one day your going to get everything that god has in store for you. Your apart of the 2%ers that think outside the box. I wish you well in your future man...god bless

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