And Then...

3:45 AM

I thought I reached a huge milestone by creating my first blog, 'and then' I realized that I would need to update it in order for this to work - not just for me but for those that choose to view my controlled chaos.

Tuesday, I attended the Sex and the City Casting Call with, what seemed like, the entire city. Security definately tried to stop the line right in front of me and expected me not to jump in ahead. All I wanted was a shot and I made sure I got it along with everyone else's name that will be filed away in a database.

Today I was graced with the photography of Tarrice Love ( I admire people that take a moral responsibility with the work that they produce - borderline perfectionist if you will. I learned alot in terms of post production, posing, lighting, and styling, because likewise I want to perfect my craft. Pictures will be up soon and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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