My Sunshine

11:39 AM

Woke up on this cloudy day to see my sunshine,
that night light of mine who under no circumstances
I could never let her see that streak fall from my eyes.
Because you made me strong - you brightened up my day
when my skies were gray, I changed face without delay and wiped those tears away.

As you lay in pain, restless but motionless, I wish
that the seasons could just reverse and we could rehearse
that very step, that very move when your balance gave way.
"Hold my hand, watch your step," I would say
but you were so strong, felt like you could do no wrong.

I now play the game, Who's To Blame?
In search of the fame, I left you to brave the rain
But I can't seem to explain why I can't go out on my cloudy day to see my sunshine riseup
And its because she can't.

....To Be Continued

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