Fall In Love. Get Hurt Trying.

9:18 AM

Relationships are what you make them. They may develop from friendships, instintcs, and the ever popular late nights. These forces of human nature draw the parties to focus not on what the other can do for him/her but on the effort that each person is willing to put forward to satisfy the other.

Timing is everything. Don't ever let go of the person that makes you wonder. Where will this go? How do I know? Is he/she "right" for me? Are we at different points in our life? Are we going too fast? Where do you want this to go?

This level of complexity scares away the inexperienced, the brokenhearted, and even the rebounders. What ever happened to those days when we didn't proceed with caution? Children merely go to the park and play in the sandbox without any agenda or asking any preliminary questions. They simply play and interact, only sorting out their likes and dislikes as they go relying on what they know until they know better.

Personally speaking...

I should've known better
Than to chance emotion
In a relationship left together
Protracting the angle of friends
Is how the familiarity first began
When you first start to wonder
But fail to understand

Wish I could do it over, I mean
I wish that I could do it without her other
Because it was me who never told her
My expectancy was something over

It's better to have lost and loved
Than not to have loved at all
And try to remount
Even after you fall
Fearing the unknown
Until the memory is sewn

Surrounding my surroundings
Do the birds not fly
The leaves change with the seasons
The sun collides with the moon
And all for what reason

Searching for something more
Is there something else in store
Have I sat this one out
Or continue the search to settle the score

We share nothing in common
Other than the same blank slate
Where we started with our chalk
Sidewalking what we wanted to be
And when it didn't work out that way
Questioned our ultimate destiny

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