10:00 PM

I'm a 23 year old looking to explore
All of life's treasures that even money can't reward
Steady searching for feeling, love I'm never sure
Women stick around for the potential that I can secure
Keeping pace with a lifestyle that I can't afford

Browse the menu where the prices they don't display
Pick your favorite wine, drink it all I don't have to taste
Regretting the fact that I brought you to my place
To a city skyline, my daily great escape
And the reason you come back is for the pictures you failed to take

Are we on to something or is your interest really fake?
Because you neglect to ask the right questions except for our future dates


Thought that chapter was over
Felt my feelings could move forward
And now you're haunting every girl that I happen to look over

Different name, different picture in the frame
Yet the memories, never fading, forever they remain

Stop the clock, pause this moment for a minute
And allow me to engage you in conversation of my transition
Believe me, I'm trying to get better
But how do you undo something that's never been together?

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