The First To Walk Away

12:15 AM

Even if you leave me, I will never let go
Because the uncertainty of finding another you has got me too exposed

I blame myself for losing my self grasp
Crossing the path where hurt left me last
Thought you were the exception, but my past made me react
Slowly walking away from you trying to bring you back

Is this the situation your friends coached you through just so they could see you crash
Were we on to something or are you stuck on your last, troubled by your past?

Trepidation has got us shifting positions
Arguing our anonymity in this perplexity of perspectives
This battle between us has got me feeling conflicted
We both feeling the same while having the same difference

Obscure and overwhelming, I wish that this could wait
Seize this very moment of a memory growing faint
Chancing the risk, the one we failed to take
But escaping this reality is a dream wide awake

Tell me this is right
Are you in my social script, the climax of my life

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