First Legal Day - Week

4:41 AM

I'm a week into my legal career and already I'm overwhelmed. Despite the adverse opinions of my peers and mentors, I decided to attend New York Law School. Although it is not the school of my choice, waiting another year and watching everyone else do what I want to do is certainly not an option. Yes, I did put myself at a severe disadvantage but I will work that much harder to make sure I am at top 10 institution come Fall 2010.

A sidenote worth mentioning is that I will make this blog a priority despite the other influences in my life. I apologize in advance to the potential followers who just don't know the existence of this yet.

Day 1 was DRAMA! Do I drive or take public transportation? Something about growing up in the suburbs and having the convenience of my car persuaded my decision for the former, until they slapped me with that $65 parking ticket!

Classes officially began Friday after four days of 'what you should know, do, don't do, otherwise known as Orientation, and taking a look around the campus, I realized that even in such an atmosphere I must distinguish myself. That is when I took the occasion in my Torts class to introduce my motive for attending law school, simply to be 'a role model'. Perhaps I insulted everyone in the class, not to mention the profession, but I refuse to change who I am in the process.

I never took into account how much of a commitment I assumed in terms of moral obligation, self-respect, and DEBT. Something's gotta give. Immediately following orientation, I shot with Judy Anderson modeling T-shirts for an upcoming clothing line. (Pictures to be posted soon).

Other people want this just as much as I do, but where they will work hard - I will be working smart.

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