Friendly Farewell

2:30 AM

In observance of the many recommendations put forward by those who were once in my place, I've cut ties with the outside. My social life will cease to exist effective today. It is Saturday night and I've taken the responsibility to stay home and study; however, that is definately not the case.

Never have I explored the internet so much in one week as I did this evening. From YouTube to Facebook and now to my blog, I have not turned a single page. It's difficult to focus on the material when it all comes down to ONE EXAM - THE FINAL EXAM. As long as I participate in class and answer the question, or at least have an answer, I'm all set right? - WRONG!

The very thought of being 'mediocre' is frightening to me in an arena where distinguishing yourself is the only means for survival. Fear is my motivation, at least for now while the dropout statistics are still applicable. So I must part from the Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night festivities and seek a text book to compromise the void. My first video is included below in remembrance.

On that note, if I hit the note, text messages and phone calls are still a remedy for the burden that I've assumed. The way I see it, I'm putting my best foot forward so that the words "couldda, wouldda, shouldda" are not part of my vocabulary.

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